Since 2008, I have provided consulting services to a wide range of institutions throughout the US.

Here are a few short case studies of what I have accomplished:

Madison Center

January 2010
Metro Indianapolis, IN

This project involved working with Madison Center, a mental-health facility and school in Indiana to find ways for the client to cut costs, improve quality and remain financially stable.

I worked for over nine months, both on- and off-site, to complete these projects. On-site visits included facility evaluations, safety reviews, inventories of collateral and materials, staff interviews and reviews, budgetary and personnel meetings, and more. Off-site, I evaluated site needs, wrote reports, and created substantial financial reporting and recommendations. In all cases, I balanced patient needs against the long-term viability of the institution.

One interesting project was a “secret-shopper” survey and report. This survey involved calling over 50 sites, using various scenarios. This survey uncovered problems with customer service, inconsistencies with client referrals, and potential safety and accreditation issues. I was able to identify both short- and long-term fixes to problems uncovered.

This project involved substantial review of safety issues surrounding behavioral healthcare safety for patients and staff,

Wayside Youth and Family Services

Metro Boston
January 2008

This health and human services agency located west of Boston serves a variety of clients over a seventeen-site campus. The sites include residential homes for teens, shelters for families, mental health facilities a school and more.

I was brought in to do a complete survey of all facilities. The survey included complete on-site inspection including condition, suitability for purpose, liability issues, and compliance issues.

I also reviewed contracts and made value-added suggestions, saving the clients tens of thousands of dollars which could then go back into client services. After the survey, I provided a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations to the client.


Note: ALL consulting work is conducted outside my regular employment duties and is ONLY conducted after regular hours and during vacation time. I make it a point to give my employers my complete time and attention. I only take on consulting projects with that understanding.