Past Board Member ASHE Region One

Thank you for your confidence:

I appreciate your confidence in allowing me to serve as your Region One Board Representative. My term has ended, but my commitment to the ASHE mission continues.

Healthcare professionals’ roles have expanded from basic health and safety management to such diverse initiatives as medical technologies, changing dietary and cultural needs, green initiatives, and more. We are often the go-to resource in our healthcare system for everyone from C-suite executives to direct caregivers – and frankly it’s only getting more complex every day.

ASHE and its members help our healthcare environments thrive with in-depth understanding of a broad array of technologies so that when the chief of surgery wants to update surgical suites, or the CEO asks about implementing solar power, or the board wants to decommission a plant, we can confidently lead through these changes.

And where do we get the confidence?

By being able to tap into the right information – meaning tested, honest, updated, and in-depth – which is often only available through ASHE and its members.

Our greatest strength is our collective knowledge and experience.

We work best when we work together.

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